A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

This game is a demo since I couldn't make much in the time frame. be prepared for updates! (which will happen eventually)


A strange island emerges, and with it an even stranger palace. what awaits our hero there, and what secrets hide below?

CONTROLS (default):

Controls can be changed in-game, controller support not tested.

-MOVEMENT: arrow keys





to change controls in control menu: press SPACE once to detect input. once you're satisfied with it, press SPACE again to register


The game is verry buggy, and the boss is even buggier since it was rushed. but i still hope you enjoy the demo, despite that!

The game shouldn't be too difficult since i've increased the max hp count.

Install instructions

Just unzip and play! Linux will be released later, and maybe even macos. if it doesn't work, use the .love file with the love.exe ! (both will be uploaded soon)


Z7PMI_WIN32.zip 12 MB

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